Why we exist

God has endowed us with certain gifts and talents. He has opened opportunities that have enabled us to refine our skills. He has placed us on this continent, which is the last growth frontier, at a time when the continent is experiencing a myriad of challenges. There are very high levels of poverty, low employment prospects, high disease prevalence, relatively higher impact of climate change. We see these challenges as great opportunities. We believe that home-grown solutions is what will move the needle and bring the necessary transformation. At Algum, we give our all in helping clients surmount the obstacles that stand between them and the next phase of their organisation's growth. In the long run, together, we will re-write the narrative. 

Our story

The birth of Algum Africa Capital LLP rose from the need to solve these challenges that inhibit the growth and scaling of small and large enterprises in Africa. Business enterprises are the catalysts for growth and development of nations through the provision of goods and services, creation of jobs and alleviation of poverty. Majority of these businesses continue to struggle as they are not able to access the requisite resources and advisory services to grow from one level to the next. Algum Africa plays the crucial role of offering bespoke and well-designed consulting and business advisory services.

There is no reason why majority of businesses should not thrive and contribute to the growth and development of the continent. This sustainable growth can only be achieved when adequate financial and non-financial support is extended to such businesses and entrepreneurs.

We are passionate about working with the entrepreneurs and business executives to help them realize their original dreams of establishing the business ventures that they have. Our joy is to see them scale up, set the right business structures and fulfill their own aspirations as well as their national aspirations of job and wealth creation in a manner that sustainably safeguards the environment they operate in.

Our vision

To power the Africa rising narrative

Our mission

Helping organisations achieve success through tailor-made solutions to overcome strategic, financial, organisational, magenerial and operational challenges

Our values

We lead based on values.

Our core values are:

Passion: We are passionate about what we do. We are passionate about seeing businesses scale to the next level as they live out their aspirations.

Integrity: We uphold high ethical standards.

Commitment: We are committed to the success of our clients and employees.

Honesty: We believe in candid communication.

Our approach 

Client-centricity – we exist to see the client thrive by overcoming business challenges.

In our engagements, we take the long-term relationships we establish with our clients very seriously.

We take time to listen and understand the underlying challenge. We tailor-make business advisory solutions depending on a client’s unique business challenge (s) and apply our structured approach in developing solutions.



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