We offer business advisory services to clients depending on their specific needs. These include, but not limited to


We help businesses develop implementable strategies. This helps the business to have a clear road map and targets as well as a way to measure and track progress

Investor readiness and capital raising

The world of capital raising is a complex one and very few founders and business executives understand the dynamics involved. We guide them through this process from investor readiness to the final steps of capital raising.

Mergers and acquisitions

There are various ways to scale a business. A merger or acquisition is one of them. This could be a horizontal or vertical merger. We hand-hold the business through a merger or acquisition process.

Financial modeling and forecasting

A financial model captures all the aspects of the business and identifies the key business drivers. This helps management to have a live model to monitor how their business is doing on a periodic basis, and see where they need to put emphasis on. After developing the financial model for the business, we help management with business forecasting. We help develop potential growth scenarios which helps them to have a broader view of the direction the business is taking.

Business restructuring

Sometimes both internal and external forces may force a business to take an unexpected trajectory. This puts the business and the operators on survival mode. To save the business, the business operators and owners are forced to take drastic measures, which requires a fundamental shift in a number of things. We help restructure businesses to gain a new life.

Business analytics

This entails a health check-up of the business and advising on the optimal ways to utilize available resources and identifying serious gaps or business weaknesses that may pose as serious threats to the business as a going-concern.

Business process mapping

In order to scale a business to maturity, efficient business processes are crucial. There is no short cut about this and there is no way to escape this. Clear processes with assigned roles and responsibilities have to be put in place for the business to hum in harmony through the various phases of business growth and for the founders to experience the peace and joy of owning the business. This leads to efficiency, productivity and innovation. We help clients to move from the need to micro-manage to being visionary leaders in the business.

Business plan formulation

For any business to take off, and for it to be more than an idea in the founders’ minds, it is important to put it on paper in a coherent and well structured format. This helps crystallise the idea and see how all the pieces come together.


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